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Personal Care Supports (PCS)

Personal Care Supports (PCS) involve aid with daily personal activities, encompassing assistance or supervision of tasks essential to daily life. 

These supports may be necessary in diverse settings, such as when a participant lives independently, with family or others, engages in social, recreational, educational, or employment activities, or during holidays away from home.

Our Care

Fidens Personal Care Support (PSC) spans over various daily activities, all customized to align with your individual routine and disability-related requirements.

We focus on optimizing the independence and functional skills of each participant, tailored to their individual circumstances. 

The Fidens team carefully evaluates whether alternative arrangements or supports could address a participant's needs in a less intrusive manner. This might involve the use of aids and equipment to empower participants in completing tasks independently, or the provision of training to enhance their self-sufficiency in various activities. 

Our approach is centered on thoughtful consideration and customized solutions to foster greater independence and functional capability.

We Assist In:

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