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Household Task Assistance

Household Task Assistance is an NDIS Support Plan for individuals with varying disabilities.

Daily chores and household activities, such as cooking and cleaning, may become difficult due to the nature of the disability. 

This service can be a great help to those who are in need of such support.

What We Offer

Fidens is dedicated to offering comprehensive assistance with household tasks, carefully tailored to meet the specific needs of our valued participants. 

By elevating your lifestyle, we ensure that you not only experience comfort but also embrace a life lived to the fullest, independently.

Our team of skilled support workers offer experience in efficiently managing various household tasks, ranging from cooking and cleaning, along with adept handling of personal care and hygiene requirements.

By entrusting us with household responsibilities, Fidens Support Services aims to simplify your life, allowing you to prioritize what truly matters to you.

Tasks Include:

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