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Short/Medium Term Accommodation (STA & MTA)

Short Term Accommodation (STA) offers temporary support for residing outside the home, funded for brief stays when regular caregivers are unavailable or for exploring new experiences. 

Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) provides financial support for temporary living arrangements when transitioning to a long-term home is delayed due to unprepared disability supports.

Our Care

Fidens Short Term Accommodation (STA) provides our participants with a refreshing change of environment, offering a respite from their daily routines and introducing them to diverse experiences and people. This break has been thoroughly enjoyed by our participants.

Additionally, for those whose caregivers or family members are on leave or unwell, ensuring continuity in personal care, health, and well-being is maintained in their new accommodation. 

Our participants may also find value in STA while awaiting home modifications, recovering from an illness, or navigating a brief gap resulting from unforeseen changes in circumstances or events. 


Fidens Medium Term Accommodation (MTA), also referred to as Transitional Accommodation, offers more than just a serene environment for relaxation—it serves as a supportive haven to ease the transition into the next chapter of your life. 

Providing a comforting and well-supported space, this accommodation option is specifically designed to ensure your comfort while you prepare for or await the move to your new residence. 

Whether you're bridging the gap between housing arrangements, awaiting home modifications, or simply taking a thoughtful pause before your next journey, Fidens is dedicated to offering a secure and nurturing space during this pivotal phase of your life.

Regardless of the situation, Fidens is committed to ensuring your safety and placing you in the best possible care.

Our Support Includes:

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