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Post Incarceration Support (PIS)

Post Incarceration Support (PIS) is a specialized service designed to assist individuals transitioning from incarceration to the community. 

It focuses on securing suitable housing and providing essential supports for a successful reintegration into society. 

PIS aims to empower individuals during this critical period, fostering a positive path forward into the community.

Our Care

Within Fidens, Post Incarceration Support (PIS) stands as a distinct initiative that extends beyond the scope of NDIS services. As a company, we are deeply committed to contributing to the solution, actively working to break the cycle and prevent participants from returning to incarceration. 

Our approach to PIS is rooted in a personalized commitment to each client, recognizing the unique challenges they face as many have experienced a life of institutionalization.

In acknowledgment of the distinctive needs of individuals who have spent a significant part of their lives within the prison system, our support services are tailored to be highly individualized. 

Many of our clients exhibit a remarkable level of independence, and our team, which includes individuals with lived experience inside prison, understands the intricacies and complexities associated with post-incarceration life.

What sets Fidens apart is our team's lived experience inside prison, which brings forth a level of empathy and understanding that goes beyond what is commonly found in other companies. Team members who have personally navigated the challenges of incarceration contribute a unique perspective that enhances our ability to relate to the experiences and struggles of individuals being released from prison. This firsthand understanding allows us to approach PIS with a depth of compassion and insight that is truly unparalleled.

By actively engaging in this endeavor, Fidens aims not only to provide support but to empower individuals to forge a new and positive path beyond the confines of the prison system. 

Our commitment to breaking the cycle and fostering successful reintegration reflects our dedication to making a meaningful impact in the lives of those transitioning from incarceration to the broader community.

How We Help

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